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Have a Vet Fund Before You Need it

Article by Cookie G. Pig

This is very important for pet owners (not just guinea pig people). If you didn't already know this, you should set aside some cash regularly for a vet fund. It can be monthly, bimonthly, weekly. Just as long as you make a habit of it. Obviously, you can avoid having to take a sick pet in by making sure they get enough exercise, have a good diet, etc. But some problems are unavoidable, like age-related issues.

Case in Point?

Peanut, who was the founding member of Clan Peanut wasn't eating his pellets and had jerky, rough breathing. He was 4 years old at the time (which is middle-age for us). The hooman brought him to the doctor, who diagnosed him with a heart murmur, along with fluid in his lungs. He was given a shot of furosemide to help drain the fluid, and Hooman was given more furosemide to take home, along with Vetmedin (another heart med).

The entire invoice ended up $325.23 USD, which was:

  • x-rays (needed to identify the heart murmur)--$152.50
  • furosemide injection (administered at the vet's office)--$43.75
  • furosemide (take home med)--$19.50
  • Vetmedin (more take-home meds)--$56.98
  • office visit--$52.50

(Btw, I'm just a guinea pig, so I don't know what this money thing is, but I just know that when there's 3 or more numbers in between the $ and ., people usually start freaking out.)

Prices tend to vary depending on the vet and location. Check with your vet if you want to know what they charge.

You Don't Need to Put Aside a Ton of Money.

The hooman saves about $10/month for each of us. There are 5 of us, so she saves $50/month. You can adjust it to your needs/situation. Eventually, it builds up (especially if you don't need to bring your critters in too much), so the hooman had about $600. The vet visit only ate a little more than half of her vet fund.

Need a Vet?

BTW, if you're a guinea pig owner and you still need a guinea pig-savvy vet, check out Guinea Lynx for some good ones. Listings are mostly in the USA, but there are some in other countries like the UK, Finland, Singapore, and Brazil.

Guinea Lynx Records — scroll down till you see the Veterinarian section

If you're not able to find a good vet in your area, check out this link. You'll have to start asking around.

Finding a Vet

The most important thing is you'll always want a vet you can trust before you actually need one.

Ok, that's it, y'all. Cookie out!