Guinea Pigs of Southern California

New Guinea Generation...

...was founded in 2014, and is a team of cavia porcellus in Southern California, USA. Their mission is to entertain and educate the masses.

Meet the Team

Curious about our team of esteemed hay eaters?

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We've Crunched (and Eaten) Some Numbers

# of Pigs Fostered
# of Permanent Residents
# of Years in Guinea Pig Servitude
  1. Between Old & New Guinea Gen.
  2. I don't remember the exact number. But it's pretty high up there.

What is This?

NGG is not a rescue, nor a source of guinea pig care. This is just a fun little "what-if" site I made. As in, what if NGG was an actual business. What would their site be like, what would everyone's job titles be, etc. I build websites in my free time, so this is actually part of a network of other sites I made.

I added a lot of "lazyloading" animations, as you'll notice stuff animating in as you scroll. It's not perfect, but hey, it works. And uhhh...the extended footer color...color theory was never my strong point, so that's why the pink is there.

Bleh, way too much motion!!

If you absolutely hate elements moving on webpages, there's a way to turn all that crap off (or at least minimize it)! prefers-reduced-motion. This can be enabled either throughout the entire OS or per browser (in the case of Firefox at least).

Btw, for web developers, here's more info on that: